Dear SPARK customer,

As you know, since January 17th 2024, our operations have been affected, in particular on the sale and activation of new prepaid cards. The reason for these issues has nothing to do with SPARK, but with our prepaid card issuer Prepaid Card Services Ireland Limited (PCSIL), which is ceasing operations and is currently going through a process of closing and liquidation, managed by the company Interpath. For more information regarding the closing of PCSIL we recommend that you visit the following website:

We want to anounce to you two important news:

1. We want to remind you that the closing of PCSIL does not jeopardize your funds nor any balance from any SPARK prepaid card. Your funds are safe and will continue to be safe during this process. In order to help you clarify any questions you might have we have created a FAQ section at the end of this announcement.

2. In addition, after a couple of months of many efforts and meetings in the search of a new card issuer, we have some great news. WE HAVE A NEW PARTNER! This new financial partner of international reputation has been chosen by SPARK as its new prepaid card issuer. They will help us create a new improved product with the beast features in the market.

In summary, we are happy to announce that from April 1st 2024, we are starting the creation of a new SPARK prepaid card program with Mastercard España. During the next 3 months we will work with them to deliver during the month of June 2024 your new SPARK card. The new SPARK card will have a new image and functionalities to provide new possibilities for our customers.

We can already announce that as a starting point the new SPARK will be delivered with all the features you are familiar with such as the same spending limits, loading channels, agility and advantages… to which we will add some changes and improvements.

During the Q4 of 2024 we will gradually add new features such as:

  • a modern mobile app
  • A new KYC verification method to quickly and efficiently process your upgrades
  • new features to control your spending
  • and many new features!

Keep an eye on our website and other communication channels to continue to receive the latest information on the migration process.

We thank you to continue supporting our SPARK family.

How long will I be able to use my card?

If you are a SPARK PREMIUM (KYC) customer, you will be able to use your card for loading and spending moeny until July 17th 2024. After this date, the PCSIL card will become limited and we will be offering a new SPARK card to migrate.

Why is my card closed?

As part of the closure process of the company PCSIL, completely unrelated to SPARK, its team of liquidators has made a series of decisions, including the closure of a series of SPARK cards that are not KYC (those that are not SPARK PREMIUM). Unfortunately, these cards will not be able to continue using their services, as only SPARK PREMIUM cards can continue to operate normally.

Has my card balance disappeared?

Of course not. Your card balance is never and has never been lost. If your card had a SPARK PLUS level it may have been affected by the blocking carried out by PCSIL, but even in that case we will refund your money by bank transfer. If your card is SPARK PREMIUM you can continue using your card normally until July 2024, the date on which you will be able to use the new SPARK cards.

When can I purchase a new SPARK card?

Once we launch the new SPARK cards with the new issuer already announced (Monovate), you will be able to purchase them through the usual physical distributors, as well as on our website. We estimate that the launch of the new SPARK cards will be throughout the month of July of this year 2024.